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Meet your Colonial Spa Team

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Yari Sarraff

Yari is a Licensed Massage Therapist originally from Miami, FL, boasting over 14 years of experience. Her massage career commenced in 2009 in the medical field where she specialized in addressing injuries, guiding therapeutic stretching, and aiding in rehabilitation. Subsequently, she transitioned to a spa setting for approximately five years, centering on relaxation and spa treatments. Following that, she ventured into managing her own business for the past seven years, honing her expertise in the sports domain, assisting athletes in maintaining their recovery and addressing sports-related injuries. She recently relocated to Fort Myers and am enthusiastic about continuing her journey to aid individuals in enhancing their overall wellness and healing. 

Therapy services starting at $110*
Contact Yari to set up an appointment by texting her at: 305-803-6137
Full Availability Monday through Sunday

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Raquel Mendoza
LMT, Esthetician

Raquel is a Reiki master, with more than 13 years of experience in the wellness industry. She has worked in medical field with chiropractors and physical therapists as well as in the beauty industry. She is a holistic practitioner dual licensed in Massage and esthetics. She offers a variety of services such as: Energy healing, facials, waxing, customized treatments for skin care (microneedling, dermaplaning, lymphatic drainage, peels) and different massages modalities for relaxation and pain management (Swedish, deep tissue, trigger point therapy, cupping, reflexology, hot stones, acupressure, bamboo- ssage). She is originally from Colombia, has two sons and two dogs, loves to live in Cape Coral. Enjoys nature, yoga, go to the beach, visit her family and is eager to keep learning new modalities to offer to CCC family.

Therapy services starting at $110*
Esthetic services starting at $40
Contact Raquel to set up an appointment by texting her at: 239-810-7700
Available Tuesdays | Thursdays | Fridays