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Inappropriate Golf Attire
The following dress items are not allowed on Colonial's golf course or practice areas:
  • Denim of any color or type 
  • Cargo shorts or any shorts with large, exterior, over-sized pockets
  • Cut-off shorts 
  • Bathing Suits 
  • Running shorts, exercise wear, gym shorts
  • Tank tops, t-shirts, sports jerseys or any midriff-displaying top
  • Metal spiked golf shoes

Proper Golf Attire
Proper golf attire is required at all times on the course and practice facilities.

Men: Bermuda-style golf shorts no higher than mid-thigh, or slacks. Golf, polo or dress shirts with short or long sleeves; turtleneck/mock turtleneck shirts.

Women: Slacks and Capri pants, dresses, skirts / skorts (no higher than mid-thigh) are acceptable. Tops must either have a collar or sleeves, or both.

Golf shoes are recommended. Soft spikes are required on golf shoes. Soft-soled athletic shoes (such as Tennis Shoes) are also acceptable. Caps and visors with bills are to be worn with the bill facing forward.

Please contact the Golf Shop at (239) 768-2825 for any further clarification.