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Clubhouse Dress Code

Shirts and shoes must be worn at all times when on Recreational Facilities.

Non-Soft Spiked shoes are not permitted on the Club Facilities.

Sunset Grille, Bar, Terrace
  • No more casual than consisting of proper/approved golf or tennis attire.
  • Denim pants are acceptable provided they are not ripped, torn, or holed. Work style denim nor denim shorts are not permitted.
  • At no time is exercise wear, T-shirts, or swimwear allowed in the Sunset Grille, Bar, or Terrace
  • Except for the Terrace, men are not permitted to wear hats or caps anywhere in the clubhouse.
  • Non-collared performance shirts are allowed for dining on the Sunset Grille Terrace and Patio 18. 
  • Business casual consisting of dress pants or Docker type pants for men.
  • Golf shirts are permitted and may be either collared or mock; dress shirts may be worn outside pants provided that the shirt is designed to be worn in that manner.
  • Women’s approved attire includes pants, dresses, and skirts, shorts or dress-Bermuda shorts.  Women’s shirts or dresses without a collar or sleeves are also acceptable.
  • Dress shorts are permitted but should be no more than two to three inches above the knee for either men or women.
  • Cargo shorts, exercise wear, T-shirts, swimwear and denim are not allowed in the Ballroom.
Common Areas
  • Within Club property shall require that all persons wear clothing on the upper portion of their bodies (i.e. above the waist) at all times.
  • For men, this includes shirts with or without collars and with or without short or long sleeves.
  • For women, this includes shirts or blouses with or without collars and with or without short or long sleeves.
  • This policy shall not apply to the enclosed areas of all of the Club’s swimming pools.